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Top 6 Reasons you will LOVE Video Vault & Tanning!

1) We have 7 Tanning Beds!!

We have 3 different Levels of Tanning. We have  three 20 minute lay down beds. We have 2 Stand-up Beds. We have two 10 Minute Bronzing Beds.

 We can offer better pricing on Tanning and Red Light because we are a Video Store also. Tanning and skin care are not our only business. We regularly call our local competitors and make sure   .............OUR PRICES are LOWER !

3)   We sell   Advocare Products 
                            & Spark Energy drinks! 
If you want to make a life style change  we can help! Order the Advocare 24 Day Challenge today! 

4)    We Change all of our Tanning Bed lights              WAAAY before other places
 If you are tanning or using Red Light, you want results! We Guarantee Results!

5)  We have Red Light Therapy! 
Red Light Therapy has been around for 40 years in doctor's offices and is now available in the Greenville and Hortonville area  without an expensive trip to the doctor.
Call us to find out how Red Light Therapy can help with :Acne / Wrinkles / Scars / Stretch Marks / Joint Pain and much more!

6)     We have over5000 DVD's and Blu-rays!  
We get 90% of the New Release Movies 28-60 days BEFORE Redbox or Netflix! We also RESERVE MOVIES 7 days a week! 
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